Just spent the last week looking at possible ways back to site for all concerned and thought it would be interesting in these unprecedented times to look at what we do and what we can improve. With the likelihood of the economy restarting in Mid to late May, we need to adapt how we work and look at MMC and offsite alternatives. Franki Foundations have invested heavily in proving a complete foundation solution that offers a product made offsite, full use of BIM, home working for our Technical staff, but this only part of the answer.

Over my long and “distinguished” career in our great Industry, the two things that you really need are Leadership and planning and I have met and worked with some that in my view are the best in the industry.

Being a leader has always been a touchy subject when being discussed, take for example Colonel George Custer, seen as a brave hero and a leader of men. The truth is he was foolish, hotheaded and vain beyond compare, whereas the two leaders of the Sioux Nation, were completely the opposite, especially Crazy Horse, who was far from crazy.

Great leaders way up the situation, pro’s and Con’s and finally the outcome and what it means to their “team”. Unfortunately for Custer’s 200 men it led to a massacre that lasted 1 hour and saw almost all his men die when confronted by 3000 Sioux on home turf.

He certainly didnt do a SWOT analysis of his planned assault on the Sioux and his ego lead to a folklore vailed in lies to mask the real reason for the attack.This leads me back to the present, everyone wants to start back to work, myself included but not at the risk to my health, family, friends and colleagues and therefore we need leaders to lead the way and BOJO is certainly doing that


When I look back at leaders I have worked for, names that spring to mind are Roger and Simon Bullivant, Ron Easton and Paul Devaney. Names that probably do not mean a lot to individuals, but to people who know and worked with them, they will understand the leadership qualities that I saw.

Leadership isnt about shouting, hitting a desk in anger or sacking people. Leadership is identifying what a member of your team brings to the table and how they can improve you and the company. Leaders lead and set examples that people respect and understand. Quality leadership leads to peoples improvement, engenders loyalty and allows creativity to flourish


To me equally as important as leadership in terms of benefit and again when I look back a tremendous help in my career. Names that spring to mind are Martin Hodson Walker, Alan Kyle, Alison McEachran and finally Duncan Williams.

Great planning leads to workflows happening as they should, management reports providing accurate data for the company and most important profitability.

To finish my ramble and hopefully our return to work in the next few weeks, lets remember the shout of the English Archers after defeating the vastly superior French Army; “Remember Agincourt” a battle that had leaders, a plan and a successful outcome

If you need to ramp up or prepare for the restart and are interested in our system, please contact me on 07525 262818 or Paul.Smollett@frankifoundations.co.uk